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Manufacturing, according to the definition from Wikipedia, is the creation or production of goods with the help of equipment, labor, machines, tools, and chemical or biological processing or formulation. 

Based on years of exclusive project development expertise, technology-driven strategy, and integrated manufacturing supplying chain, Sipaitech Mfg is able to provide one-stop solutions on manufacturing outsourcing needs from our customers.

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About Us

Found in the year 2011, Sipaitech Mfg is a privately owned manufacturing company that determined to provide manufacturing services for customer's outsourcing needs of mechanical industrial components.

Mission and Quality Control

Our company mission is to become a one-stop manufacturing supplier that provides high-quality, cost-competitive and on-time delivery service related to the mechanical parts.

In addition, we knew that quality is the most concern of customers, and has no yield point. Thus, we established a qualified pyramid type quality system to ensure what we work meet customer needs.

Learn more: Sipaitech Mfg Quality Philosophy and  Its Quality System Structure.

Our Expertise and Capability

Moreover, the founder of Sipaitech came from different functional areas of MNC manufacturers. Thereby, this makes us obtain competitive advantages on understanding and realizing multi-national customers requirements. Besides, we are a technology-driven bonded team force, we are able to solve cutting edge demand from our customters and develop customized mechanical parts from concept to mass production.

Nevertheless, thank you for coming to Sipaitech Mfg home, and we hope to cooperate with you to solve your problem and meet your requirements!

Featured Products

Customized mechanical part development and manufacturing is our core business, and our CNC Turning and Milling plant is our solid facility to make final fine turn for products we provided.  We are specialized in the development of featured products including cable wedge,anchorage block, and heatsink that are used in industries of construction and mining, kitchen cookware, and lighting.

Thereby, Sipaitech Mfg is your arms on CNC machining parts and manufacturing outsourcing, and all of our activities are driven by your needs.

Solutions We Provided

Sipaitech Mfg provides service of mechanical parts manufacturing, supplier assessment, manufacturing process auditing, and pre-shipment inspection.

Manufacture Outsourcing Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

R&D is the foundation of reverse engineering to understand customer needs.

Manufacture Outsourcing Factory


Integrated manufacturing supplier base guarantee customer diversified requirements satisfied

Manufacture Outsourcing Supplier Assessment

Quality Assurance

Supplier quality system assessment and process auditing make sure that things get done in the right beginning.

Manufacture Outsourcing Goods Inspection

Quality Inspection

Inspection insure that material meets design specification, as well as product satisfy customer requirements or expectations.

Customer Benefit from Manufacturing Outsourcing

Manufacture Outsourcing Cost Saving

Cost Saving

When talking about manufacturing outsouring, people talks about the benefit of cost reduction, that is to say cost cutting of direct labor and indirect overhead.

Manufacture Outsourcing Operation Flexibility

Operation Flexibility

Company may gain increased flexibility through outsourcing activity, as a result, this enhanced their agile ability to adapt to the demand changing environment.

Manufacture Outsourcing Core Competency

Competency Enhanced

While manufacturing outsourced, company can focus on allocating scare resources on specialized area, such as R&D, Marketing compaign, to increase revenue and profite.

Our Competitive Advantage

Manufacture Outsourcing Hands on Experience

Hands on Expertise

Exclusive working experience on diversified project give us adventage on understanding customer need, and there has no obstackle to communicated with customer.

Manufacture Outsourcing Technology Driving

Technical Sourcing

The technology driven outsourcing is capable to provide our customers turnkey solutions, meet either ultimated requirement, or beyond customer expertation.

Manufacture Outsourcing Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Our multi-sector manufacturing subcontractor base provide us agile capability to meet customer various demand and fast delivery

Customers We worked

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