Glass jar is mostly common packing containers in industry of chemical, medicine and food.  Its material is mainly made from boron glass, and glass is safety and healthy.

In addtion, glass bottle is also used to contain flavors in house kitchen or commercial applications, such as hospital drugstore, pharmacy store.

Glass Jar Classification

Jar may be classified by several different taxonomy. According to utilization condition, it may be used in one time or recycable. On other hands, it may be classified as tool molded or tube formed according to its fabrication process.

In general, jar may be dividied as thin neck botle and corse neck bottle.

Thin neck bottle has neck diameter less than 30mm, and contain liquid substance. On other hands, the corse neck bottle has neck diameter more than 30mm, and is usually used to store substance of paste, powder or block shape.

Material and Specification

The materail of jar consist of quartz sand, sodium carbonate, limestone and felspar, and main compound is silicon oxidation and silicates. As soon as these block shape raw materials are crushed up, they will be melt in furnace after dried in advance.

The finished bottle has to be clear without defect of crack, flow line and bubble. In addtion, bottle has to be regular shape without deformation, and wall thickness need to be uniform.

Manufacturing process

Glass blowing is the workmanship of glass bottle manufacturing, and it has two basic steps in general. Firstly the melting glass flow out from mateiral hopper, and forms strip material of primary shape of bottle. Secondly the material is transfered to a revolving mold. At the same time, the blowing air is pumped into the mold to form the bottle.

In conclusion, glass jar has broad application in modern life, it is a most important packing container in food, chemical and medicine industry.

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