Shear stud,  also called shear connector, is a reinforcement of concrete member in construction and mining industry. In field application, shear stud is welded on steel plate to build up an integrated steel frame to reinforce concrete member.

Specification and Application

Stud is cold forging steel component, and the length of stud rod is varied against concrete member size. The head of stud is same size for all specifications, and is welded on a steel plate to form a steel cage to reinforce concrete member.

In general, rod size is half inch according to relevant industry standard. 

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In sum, shear stud is a passive rebar component that has application in concrete member building of residencial house normally.  To build up bridge, skyscraper or mine construction, the prestress tensioning technology, especially post tensioning tendon system is the only choice.

Learn more on Post tensioning tendon system in construction and mining industry to get an overall and further inside on how both system work.

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