Automotive Components

The automotive industry has been the column sector in our society after more than one hundred years of development and represents an advanced degree of country development. However, the rock foundation of the automotive industry stands on the advancement of the country’s automotive components manufacturing.

Automotive Components Classification

An automotive consists of more than ten thousand parts, professional factories around the country supply these components to an automotive manufacturer.

According to the industry principle, people classify parts as different categories, and here are some examples

  • Engine Parts. The engine block, Cylinder head, Crank and Crankshaft, Piston and piston ring, Engine pipe, and so on.
  • Driving System Components
  • Stirring System Parts.
  • Cooling System Components
  • Braking System Parts
  • Electronic Sensor Components
  • Body Accessories, such as door lock subassembly.

Material and Workmanship

Safety is the most quality concern of an automotive, as a result, this imposes a strict quality requirement of material selection and process control.

Finished parts need to pass a strict qualification test firstly before production. This is to make sure that it can stand severe environmental impact and meet design and application requirements.

While in mass production, workmanship needs to be optimized, and the process is controlled statically. As such, the end-users can buy zero-defect quality cars and enjoy life with value-added service provided.

In general, the automotive industry plays an important role in our society’s life, so it is valuable for us to devote our energy to automotive components development.  As a result, the development of parts will enhance and upgrade the technology that we grasp currently.