Quality Control is the inherent spirit of sipaitech

Quality control is not just an inspection of the finished part, instead, it is achieved through:

  • A stack of management concert to enhance management system quality level
  • Process approach at the operation level
  • Material and product quality inspection

In other words, the quality product is guaranteed through a pyramid multi-level quality management system.

Quality System control

ISO 9000 is a set of quality standard that is popular globally, and it put the organization's management system quality control on top of a quality system. Hence, the following principles derived from ISO standard is our foundation to provide quality product and service.

Customer Focus

Customer needs are the rock foundation we survive. As a result, from the start of any RFI or RFQ, the people of Sipaitech will study customer requirements thoughtfully, as well as workmanship/process that can realize quality products economically.

Process Approach

We focus on the process of system operation and manufacturing because we know that quality is not only guaranteed by out-going inspection but through a well-organized operation system and designed manufacturing process.

Change and Continous Improvement

Every aspect of an operation can be changed and improved. So we pursue new and up-to-date technology and find a path for continuous success. As a result, we stay ahead of the curve and realize customer needs without difficulties.

Team Work and Continous Learning

The employee of Sipaitech, as well as our subcontracted supplier, are a tightly bonded organic team, and we are willing to devote our all passion and abilities to the task, problem fixing, and lifetime learning.

Benchmark Standard

From the beginning of the RFQ stage, Sipaitech people will refer to relevant national or worldwide standards against customer requirements to make sure that we did understand customer needs clearly.

World Class Practice Adoption

The automotive industry is representative of advanced manufacturing and management. Thereby, Sipaitech develops all projects by referring to these practices and principles,  and we did meet customer needs without difficulties.

Quality control-ISO9001 certification

Manufacturing quality control

To make sure that a system operates at the expected quality level, process control is needed and implemented throughout all the processes of manufacturing flow.

As a result, we adopted a statistic process control (SPC) method to monitor the manufacturing process. Therefore, we collect and analyze data to prevent the potential problems from happening, as wells as take quality control tools to optimize and improve the process continuously.

Material and product quality inspection

The best inspection can be thought of as no product inspection at all. Ideally, each process treats the next step in the process as the customer and ensures zero defect product to the next "customer". 

However, to make sure product quality meets customer requirements, we take necessary practice to do an incoming and outgoing inspections for outsourced material and finished products.

Quality control in action

As an independent outsourcing supplier, we understand the difficulty of requiring all subcontractors to reach the same vision. So, we established a precision machining workshop in the year 2013 strategically.

Consequently, all supplied parts that need final machining will go through our own machining shop compulsively. By such, we enhanced our in-house quality control abilities on all subcontracted parts that have final machining requirements. Thereby we are now much comfortable and confident with our product quality.

Eventually, the quality control concept got rocked foundation!

In Conclusion, Sipaitech commit to exceeding our customer's expectations. Our culture focuses on consistently improving the quality and value of the products and services. All we did is to make sure it does meet your needs and quality requirements.

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