Outsourcing Service We Provided

Sipaitech provides outsourcing service for customers that has needs to reduce operation cost or expand manufacturing capacity. Our service includes not only manufacturing outsourcing, but also activities that are involved in the entire supply chain.

Our history, mission, and management principles are the rock foundation for us to provide ultimate solutions for the projects we carry on.

Engineering and Manufacturing

New product development is our core business of outsourcing service. That is to say that we provide our customers with reverse engineering and manufacturing of mechanical parts.

Sipaitech Mfg has developed multi-sector industrial products that may be classified by the following tags:

  • Recognized universal or national standards, such as ISO, ASTM, AISI, ASME, MIL, DIN, JIS, etc.
  • Material: iron and steel, brass alloy, aluminum alloy, plastic, rubber, metal powder
  • Process: casting, forging, metal forming, plastic molding, machining, etc.
  • Application field: automotive, machinery, petroleum fueling, construction and mining, sanitary ware, furniture, lighting, etc.
Outsourcing Service-Rearch&Development

Supplier Assessment and Quality Inspection

It is a challenging job to make all the partners, including suppliers, keep the same pace, vision, and philosophy to make business. In Sipaitech, we build up a systematic process and guidelines on supplier audit and evaluation to make sure that we do the right things at the beginning, as a result, we get potential supplier qualified, and monitor project development timely.

Besides, we implement quality inspection on incoming material, work in process semi-finished product, as well as a product ready for shipment. As a result, we make sure that there has no surprise once the goods are handed over to the customer's hands.

Outsourcing Service-Supplier Assessment

In Conclusion, Sipaitehc Mfg is able to provide our customers with integrating and one-stop technology solutions on manufacturing outsourcing of mechanical parts.

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